Embark FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

EMBARK is an unofficial Hunter x Hunter travel-themed fanzine centred around adventure and memories created along the way! Revisit Whale Island with Killiua, Kurapika, Gon and Leorio, or climb up the World Tree. See what various hunters would bring in their bag when they go exploring or read about their travelling stories. This book is around 140+ pages of Hunter x Hunter content created by a team of 60+ creators; artists, writers, chef, animators and graphic designers - It's a project made by Hunter x Hunter fans for Hunter x Hunter fans.


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  • Will stretch goals or share campaign be included?

Stretch goals and share campaign were added bonus items during preorders, they will not be included with aftersale orders.

  • Are items limited or for preorder?

The items available are leftover and the listings will remain online until the stock runs out.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do, we ship from Australia with Auspost. However due to prolonged effects of COVID or shipping rules, there may be shipping restrictions in place when sending to certain locations, please check this page. If we receive an order from a country we cannot ship to, we will hold onto your order for as long as necessary until the shipping restriction is lifted.

  • When will my order be sent off?

Embark aftersale orders are shipped internationally from Australia - orders will be shipped in batches bi-weekly.

  • Can I change my address after placing my order?

Please contact us immediately at hxhtravelzine@gmail(.)com to change your address. We can accept address changes until your package is getting prepared for shipping. We cannot accomodate changes to the shipping address if your shipping label has been printed or shipped out, so please ensure the address is correct during checkout.

  • Does my order come with tracking? How can I track it?

All physical bundles with zines will be sent with tracking. Please check the listing description. Once we'll shipped off your order, you'll receive a email with the tracking number and link. All orders will be sent and can be tracked via Auspost.

  • What are your shipping policies?

Please see here.

  • What if my order is missing an item or is damaged?

Please contact us at asteriskzines@gmail(.)com about any issues and we'll do our best to resolve it.

  • Can I refund my order?

All orders placed are final and we cannot refund orders due to a change of mind.

  • Is the Feast zine (One Piece Food zine) available?

Preorders have closed for Feast Vol. 2, we hope to send preorders by the end of the year. If you missed out, aftersales for Feast is estimated to begin at the end of 2023.