Feast FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FEAST is an unofficial One Piece food fanzine celebrating the various cuisines of the One Piece universe and the memories created throughout their journey! We traveled the Grand line within Feast Volume 1, and now with our second volume, we plan to explore the New World. This book is around 100+ pages of One Piece content created by a team of 60+ creators; artists, writers, chef, animators and graphic designers - It's a project made by One Piece fans for One Piece fans.


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  • What is the difference between Feast Vol. 1 and Feast Vol. 2?

Feast Volume. 1 is primarily focused on the crew's journey pre-timeskip along the Grand Line and explores the locations from East Blue to Fishman Island. Feast Volume. 2 is focused on the crew post-timeskip and will feature locations and characters from Punk Hazard to the Land of Wano.

Both zines are around 140+ pages of content- including art, writing and recipes! Collect both Feast Volume 1 and 2 for the complete Feast experience. 


  • Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do, we ship from Australia with Auspost. However due to COVID, there are shipping restrictions in place when sending to certain locations, please check this page. If we receive an order from a country we cannot ship to, we will hold onto your order for as long as necessary until the shipping restriction is lifted.

  • When will my order be sent off?

Orders will take 2-4 weeks (excluding any delays) to be delivered internationally from Australia. 

  • Can I change my address after placing my order?

Yes, feel free to contact us at onepiecefoodzine@gmail(.)com to change your address. We can accept address changes until shipping period begins.

  • Does my order come with tracking? How can I track it?

All physical bundles with zines will be sent with tracking. Please check the listing description. Once we'll shipped off your order, you'll receive a email with the tracking number and link. All orders will be sent and can be tracked via Auspost.

  • What if my order is missing an item or is damaged?

We are keeping a limited quantity of merch reserved for incidents like this. Please contact us at onepiecefoodzine@gmail(.)com about such issues.

  • Can I refund my order?

All orders placed are final and we cannot refund orders.